5 Tips on Packing and Organising Your Items in a Rucksack

5 Tips on Packing and Organising Your Items in a Rucksack

If you're going on an outdoor adventure like hiking or camping, one of the best bags to bring is probably a rucksack. They're pretty durable and handy if you're going to be using them for a long period of time. The rucksack has so many different compartments to keep everything that you need at the time and is easy to find. They're also able to fit a lot of items, so even if you're quite a heavy packer, then it's not going to be a problem, and they do tend to have a lot of different styles and colours.

Knowing how much space a rucksack has, the question is, how do you pack and organise your items inside it? In this guide, we try to answer that very question along with some tips for packing.

  1. Lay Out Everything You'll Be Bringing with You

Before you start, it's best to lay out everything you'll be bringing along with you, inside and outside the rucksack. If you don't do this, you might forget something important! Another tip you can do is to stack your items in the order in which they'll be going into the rucksack. That way, you can start at the top and work your way down, and you won't forget anything!

  1. Organise Your Kit Into Groups

From there, you have to classify your gear into different groups. This can include any kind of clothing that you'll be taking with you and that you'll be wearing in the wilderness, any food and water, your camping gear, anything that you brought specifically to mark the trail and any tools you brought with you for emergency situations.

By putting your items into groups, you'll know what you need and what you don't. This can help you reduce the weight of your backpack since you won't have to bring along random things. It will also make it easier to organise your items in the rucksack.

  1. Fill the Bottom with Items You Won't Need Regularly

When packing the bottom section of your rucksack, it's best to start off with items you won't regularly need, such as spare clothing and sleeping bags. These items take up a lot of space, but they're not used every day. This will also stop them from getting lost, and they'll stop the items on top from getting squashed.

  1. Consider Putting Heavy Items at the Bottom

Heavy items such as cooking equipment, tools, and tarpaulins should be placed at the bottom of the rucksack so they are at the lowest point and gets the least amount of pressure. However, some people prefer to put heavier items on the bottom because of their shape. You can choose which way works best for you.

In terms of weight distribution, you're going to want to carry heavier items in the centre of your rucksack so you can ensure the weight is distributed evenly. If you're camping and are going to be in the wilderness for an extended period of time, it's best to put heavy items in the back of the rucksack and lighter items in the front. This will prevent back strain.

  1. Use the Pockets in the Rucksack To Organise

Pockets are very useful for organising and keeping your items secure. If you're looking for a rucksack with lots of pockets, then you're going to be spoilt for choice. There are various kinds of pockets, such as the outer pocket, which is accessible while you're wearing the rucksack, the mesh pocket, which can hold wet or smelly items and the padded pockets, which can hold things that you might need to get to quickly, such as a torch.

Another example is putting your rain jacket in one of the side pockets where you can slip them in and out. If you need to access something quick, then you can find these items quicker this way.


Packing your rucksack can be a daunting task, and it can be difficult to remember what to pack. You'll naturally end up bringing things that you don't need and leaving something important out. The best way to avoid this is to have a plan and to follow the suggestions we've given. That way, you'll know that you have everything, and it'll save you time packing up!

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