Adulting 101 - The Backpacking Guide for Grown Men

Adulting 101: The Backpacking Guide for Grown Men 

Nowadays, styling and fashion are also prominent among young boys and adult men. Either for going out on weekends or attending meetings at work, there’s no hiding the fact that men like to put more effort into their appearance. Now, this is where backpack etiquette comes in.

In today’s modern corporate setting, briefcases have been replaced with backpacks. They’re more versatile, easy to use, and can fit almost anything! However, while there is an entire variety of hip and stylish backpacks, how you wear them (and their straps) is what could make or break your outfit, literally.

Read on to discover more about this basic backpacking guide for grown men.

The Suit and Backpack Combo 

It may not be obvious but wearing a backpack while you wear a suit is actually not ideal. A backpack is inappropriate when wearing a suit because of multiple factors. 

For one, they don’t match. A formal corporate attire, like a suit, is usually a great choice in itself. However, pairing it with a backpack usually screams, “unprofessional.” You really wouldn’t want to come to an important meeting looking like you rushed in from your childhood bedroom.

Another factor is the strapping style of the common backpack. A fabric or nylon backpack's straps can crush the shoulder pads of a suit, causing tough wrinkles from this area down the back of the jacket. With all of that wear and tear, you simply can’t expect your clothes to last.

If anything, you can actually trust a leather backpack to be your best bet. With this kind of material, your suit will be just fine!

The backpack straps will retain their symmetry with the use of a tie (not unlike wearing suspenders). It will also be easier to slip your other hand into your pocket while wearing your jacket. 

Backpacking for All Your Other Outfits

When it comes to all your other outfits, the common backpack is a style that you can appreciate more. But at the same time, look for age-appropriate backpacks that are made of leather, canvas, or twill rather than the technical nylon backpacks you wore to school. This way, you can look more grown-up while keeping functionality and style in mind.

In regards to backpack straps, consider being double-strapped at all times. In reality, two-strapping gives the ensemble more purpose and elevates the backpack to the status of an accessory (which it should be). Also, if you're carrying a lot of stuff, make sure the weight is distributed evenly. 

Note that while single-strapping is an option, it's one that may cause chronic back pains and other spinal issues. The only exception is if it is extremely hot outside! The single-strap method eliminates back-to-backpack contact and keeps you feeling less sweaty.


With this basic backpacking guide, you must understand by now that it’s definitely possible to look stylish, feel comfortable, and prioritize functionality at all times. And yes, this could also mean giving your trusted college backpack a good rest. As you take on adulthood by storm, know that there’s a whole world of backpacks that’s simply waiting to be discovered by you.

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