Strap and Slay with Crossbody Bags

Welcome to the world of Cross Over Body Bags, where fashion and functionality blend seamlessly. The hunt for finding a perfect bag that enhances style and also makes your daily life more convenient never ends. Troop London will guide you on how to choose the perfect cross-body bag and different ways to carry it. 

Features of a cross-body bag

Crossbody bags are handbags that one can wear across the body, with the bag resting at the hip and the strap crossing over the other shoulder. These bags are handy as they free up your hands to move around while keeping your belongings safe and within reach.


1) Adjustable and Convertible Straps

Crossbody bags come with long, adjustable straps to let the wearer adjust the length at their convenience.Some of the crossbody bags come with convertible strap options. In this type of bag, you can transform it into a shoulder bag by adjusting the strap.

2) Multiple Compartments

Crossbody bags have multiple compartments, which helps in organizing the belongings in different pockets, zippers, pouches or sleeves.

3) Different Material

 Some common materials used for making cross-body bags are leather, canvas, and nylon. The material affects the durability, style and overall appearance of the bag.

4) Closure Types

Cross-body bags can have a variety of closure types. Some of the common types are zippers, buckles, and magnetic snaps. And sometimes the bags are fetched with two to three styles also.

5) Different Size Options

Available in different sizes, ranging from small sizes to larger versions. The different sizes are suitable for carrying different stuff.

Choosing the Right Crossbody Bag

Once you find the right crossbody bag, it is like your trustworthy companion for daily needs. The versatility of these bags is what makes them so unique from the others. You can experiment by carrying it with various styles on different adventures and can give it a whole new look. Don’t be afraid to mix and match it with your outfits, thus creating a fusion.

Beyond aesthetics come their practical features. The key benefits of choosing crossbody bags are their practicality and ease of carrying. The long straps of the bag keep your hand free, and also, when you need it is within your reach. Multiple compartments and secured closures of the crossbody bags elevate its functional purpose. These bags are not only fashion accessories but also have many practical uses. 

Colour and Styles

Choosing the design and style of the crossbody bags gives you an opportunity to showcase your individuality. Troop London suggests you choose neutral or classic colours so that they can easily blend effortlessly with any outfit.

Types of Textures

You can explore a variety of textures for your crossbody bags.For polished looks, you can choose a Smooth leather or a cozy canvas bag. This is just the right choice for crossbody bags.For exploring the town, you can go for funky or floral designs or different patterns, prints or stripes to enhance the look of the bag. 


Bags are more than simply used for carrying things. They are a wearable piece of art that reflects your personality. When we talk about crossbody bags, they transcend more functionality. You can wear these bags on any occasion because of their versatility. You follow the above tips to choose the right style, colour, and material for the crossbody bags. 

Each type of crossbody bag is exceptional for someone. You can choose your perfect everyday crossbody bag from Troop London’s collection of bags. We have a variety of stylish bags made from premium material, which makes them durable. We have all in our collection- from traditional neutrals to bold-n-bright colours. These bags can carry necessities like phones, keys and diaries. They have multiple compartments to organise your belongings. Troop London’s crossbody makes an excellent choice for anyone who needs a stylish yet comfortable bag.